We know being contacted by us can be daunting but we want to help you to get back on the road to financial recovery. Ignoring credit issues often makes the situation worse, so it is important for you to contact us straight away.

Let us help you

We have an experienced team who understand that every situation is different and are here to work with you. You can also use our customer web portal which makes it easy to manage and pay your account online.

So no matter what your financial situation, we can help you develop a solution.

Don’t ignore the problem

Just like ignoring your physical health, ignoring your financial situation could seriously affect your financial health. It may affect your credit rating which will limit any opportunity to get a loan or a mortgage in the future, or even buying a mobile phone. It could also make borrowing more expensive if you are deemed by the credit agencies or lenders as being a ‘credit risk’. Entries against your credit file will stay with you for up to six years.

By simply contacting us and starting a payment plan you can start to improve your credit rating which will make things easier in the long run.

Don’t skip your payments

We realise that everyone’s situation is different and sometimes bills come out of the blue. So if there is ever an issue with keeping up with your payment plan, please call us on 0333 999 7200* as soon as possible and we can work out a new arrangement with you.

If you don’t keep up with your payments where there is no valid reason, or you don’t contact us, this could potentially result in an escalation of our collection efforts. This could lead to a default being placed on your credit file and could lead to legal proceedings.

Let us know if you think we have the wrong person

If you think there has been a mistake, or that the account isn’t yours, please call us on 0333 999 7200* as soon as possible. 

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