We understand everyone’s circumstances are different and people can experience difficulty with their financial commitments for a number of reasons. From the feedback we've received from customers, just by calling us and talking through the situation can take a weight of your shoulders.

Due to FCA regulations, we can’t give you financial advice about how to manage your credit – but we're here to help you create a real and attainable solution.

We would urge anyone who is having concerns, or if it all feels too much, to contact one of the organisations listed below. They will be able to offer you sympatheic, helpful and free advice. We'd also recommend you contact us as well, as we can review your payment plan to make it more manageable.

If you have any additional questions about credit or you want to speak to a third party, below is a list of organisations that you can approach:

Financial support charities

Personal advice websites

Credit reference agencies

The companies below allow you to check your personal credit record and score for a small fee. These companies also supply us with your contact details, so it is important to make sure all of the information they have is correct.

For further support about making a payment, or if you have any queries about your account, please contact us or check our FAQ page.

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