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what we do

We work with our customers to help them manage their credit accounts, to help them get back on the road to financial health.

How we work with customers

We're a credit solutions provider that works on behalf of credit providers such as leading high street banks, mortgage and loan firms, and also on behalf of service providers such as utility companies and mobile phone networks.

We listen to our customers’ needs and work with them to develop realistic and manageable ways to repay their accounts. However, we know customers can find themselves in difficult financial situations for a whole range of reasons. But our aim is to help our customers get back onto the road to financial health.

We do this by helping our customers to help themselves and by understanding their situation. We offer a range of payment and support services including single payments and also developing payment plans that will meet every customer’s needs. We've created a customer portal to allow customers to do all things online.

We ensure that all of our communications with the customers are simple, clear, transparent and jargon free English.

Treating customers fairly

We are strong supporters of the TCF principles. In fact TCF is right at the heart of our business.

Our customer service team are trained to listen and understand our customers’ needs and circumstances. They aim to build strong understanding of the customers’ personal situation to help support them on their journey to financial health.

We do this by listening, and understanding that everyone is different. Our colleagues aren’t incentivised for how much money they bring in. Instead our call centre teams are marked on how they work with customers and the service they offer. They are monitored to check that they are providing a quality service by listening and working with our customers to get to the source of their situation, to understand what caused the situation, and to create a solution that is right for the individual customer.

This is one of the ways that we are doing things differently.

ways to pay

We offer a range of payment options suited to our customers' changing needs.

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