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Capquest announces major investment in world class collections and analytics software

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Capquest, one of the UK's fastest growing credit solutions businesses, has announced it is partnering with two leading software providers, Latitude Software and FICO, to place pioneering new collections, analytics and decision management capability at the heart of its business.

The two new software platforms will significantly improve Capquest’s capability to collect, manage and analyse data, allowing them to gain deeper understanding of customers’ needs and personalities and to be able to better develop tailored solutions to suit each customer’s situation.

Helen Ashton, CEO of Capquest, said they had undertaken an extensive global search to find the right providers with the software necessary to allow Capquest to meet its goals.

Helen said: “I am delighted to be able to partner with organisations with the reputation and industry recognition that Latitude Software and FICO both share. The new software platforms will enable us to treat our customers as individuals and in the most cost effective way possible. The software will allow us to learn and understand our customers’ needs, rather than limiting us to create a one-size-fits-all solution.”

“Every customer’s situation is different and it is therefore imperative that we have the ability to understand their needs, so we can work with them to find the most effective resolution. This is at the heart of our business and the Latitude and FICO Blaze systems will form pivotal parts of this process."

”One of the providers, Latitude Software, a subsidiary of Interactive Intelligence, is a US-based developer specialising in collection software and services for collection agencies, buyers and first-party creditors."

Bill Gildea, Interactive Intelligence Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, commented:

“We look forward to helping Capquest provide more tailored services through our software’s ease of customisation and configuration, which enables rapid modification of collector desktops, workflows and reporting."

“Because this deployment marks our entry into the UK market, we’re particularly excited to give Capquest a competitive advantage by sharing our nearly two decades of experience helping companies operate more efficiently, while improving debt recovery rates.”

Hayley Kershaw, General Manager for FICO in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, also commented:

“FICO Blaze Advisor will put powerful decision making capabilities at the heart of Capquest’s collections platforms, enabling collectors to update treatment strategies and workflow without delay. They will be able to tailor every customer treatment, rapidly deploy leading collections analytics, and continually refine their collections strategies. This is what the future of collections looks like.”

The upgrade to Capquest’s IT platform is just one in a number of steps Capquest has taken to improve its infrastructure to better support customers. In the past twelve months, Capquest has:

  • Worked with world class analytics experts to generate a living and breathing suite of analytical modules which continually learn through business performance.
  • Created an ability to predict the outcome, and expectation, for individual accounts at each stage in the process, thus facilitating strategy optimisation and gap analysis of predicted versus actual performance.
  • Introduced professionally administered skills programmes to ensure all colleagues have been trained to listen to Capquest’s customers, understand their circumstances and respond in the most appropriate way.
  • Developed a new call monitoring and incentives structure so that colleagues at Capquest have appropriate customer engagement and quality metrics as incentivisation, without other conflicting priorities.
  • Moved into new premises in Glasgow, enabling growth of the customer engagement teams.

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Notes to Editors.
See www.capquest.co.uk.
Capquest was founded in 1985 and is one of the UK’s most experienced managers of overdue debts. Capquest acquires debts from various clients including banks, credit card companies, stores and many other providers of credit to individuals. Capquest also manages significant debt portfolios for several of the UK’s leading financial institutions, high street lenders, utilities and consumer credit companies. Using industry leading analytics, research and consumer insights, Capquest places individual customer needs, concerns and requirements at the heart of their business.

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